Threat Intelligence

Rapidly analyse emerging threats from the entire Web and proactively defend against cyber attacks. We give you the tools to detect and mitigate threats before the business is impacted.

Social Engineering

Organised Phishing campaigns to test your companies defences and improve education. Combined with real world physical attacks we prepare your staff and highlight the human risk.

Digital Footprint

OSINT & Adversary assessment. We leverage a trusted set of sources to provide reporting and advisory services to our customers. Want to know what your adversaries are planning and what they know about you?


Design, Implement, On-board, and Advise. We are the integrator of choice for some of the worlds largest companies.

Market Leading Products & Services

Through our partner ecosystem we are able to deliver world class products and services delivering situational awareness capabilities to organisations that care about their data.

We do this by utilising the most sophisticated technology and techniques on earth, applying intelligently and putting it in the hands of absolutely the best people. Having delivered some of the most complex projects in the most demanding environments in the world we understand the importance of success, and our business is built around customer satisfaction and ensuring solutions meet your company goals.

We are proud to be partnered with…

World Class Consultancy

Tiberium are at the forefront of intelligence driven security operations and are the cyber security services integrator of choice for some of the largest enterprises. Delivering advanced threat intelligence services, OSINT, SOC enhancements, and enabling improved operational risk management by identifying threats faster from over one million data sources.

We are a Cyber Essentials certified company and our consultants are cleared to a high UK Government security level.

Tiberium ‘Detect – Protect – Evolve’ services are designed to enable you to make the most of your existing cyber security investment in people, process, and technology.

Threat Intelligence

Contextualised threat intelligence is a vital component of any truly proactive security strategy. Relevant insights, updated in real time, and integrated with your existing infrastructure drives faster and more informed security decisions. Our flexible software lets you put any type of threat intelligence where you need it — centralising sources of threat data, enabling collaboration on analysis, and integrating with your security infrastructure.

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Social Engineering

The human aspects of a business re often the weakest link. By utilising Social Engineering we can compromise systems and demonstrate how an attacks gains access to competitive information.

Tiberium specialise in providing real world testing services and education.

From Phishing, Physical Testing, and TCSM we have the full spectrum covered.

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Digital Footprint & OSINT

Taking OSINT hunting to the next level.

Our operational experience in gather open source intelligence is unrivalled. We are able to perform raid due diligence services or assist in an incident response investigation. All we require is an indicator or alias to get started.

All detailed report is supplied within hours and monitoring can be deployed to alert you to sentiment or situational changes.

We map your entire Digital Footprint.

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